What’s new in 2.14

MediaCP 2.14 is a major upgrade with a focus on upgrading Analytics and Reporting features. The changes are a reflection of feature requests from our customers over the last several years.

Reporting Features

The Reporting interface is now overhauled with a modern and dynamic VueJS front-end with loading of data on a per-tab basis allowing for a quick and responsive feel. The interface features sortable data tablesexport buttons, and dynamically loaded data available across many of the reports. Many of the tabs are now refreshed with better and more information, new charts, and even a map. 

Custom Reporting Periods

Reports can be generated by selection of preset date ranges as usual (yesterday, this month, last month), but now for the first time also by a range selection from a calendar.

Data Retention

Reporting data is now retained by default for 6 months and can be configured to store up to a maximum of 2 years. This is made possible by major performance improvements to the panel in addition to post processing data into summary tables for faster retrieval.

Regional City Breakdowns

The Top Countries table is now superseded with a more comprehensive table that includes Sessions counts, Total Listening Hours and even data transfer, with a breakdown by Country and City. The table itself can be sorted and data can be grouped by and even filtered by Country.

Mount Point Breakdowns

Icecast services get a brand new Mount Points tab that provides a break down of # Sessions, Total Listening Hours, and data transfer, per mount point.

Audio & Video Tracks

A brand new Tracks tab replaces the previous Media tab, and now includes a whole lot of information about each track played for the time period. TV Channels powered by Flussonic and NginxRtmp can now see a breakdown of session information for each video played out via the schedule. VOD services also have access to a breakdown of sessions per video.

Nginx Rtmp & Video Reporting

Nginx-Rtmp powered video services now have access to Reporting with all the bells and whistles.

Heat Map

The world map in MediaCP is now updated and the color intensity of each country is now based on how many listeners or viewers come from this region.

Recently Played

Station history is now available across all SHOUTcast and Icecast services regardless of using AutoDJ. This information is stored and compiled to be later presented in the Reporting component.

CentOS Stream 9 & AlmaLinux 9

You  heard it, full compatibility with CentOS Stream 9 and AlmaLinux 9 is now available across all MediaCP release tiers (2.13 & 2.14)..

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