Windows Server Discontinued

Our company have decided to discontinue compatibility with Windows Server. MediaCP 2.5 will be the last major version that is supported on Windows.

Effective Immediately, installations are not recommended on Windows Server. You may upgrade to version 2.5 however upgrading beyond version 2.5 will not be possible.

The decision has not been made lightly and our team have been considering this over the last 2 years due to a few reasons

  1. Over 90% of our customer base currently uses Linux servers
  2. Maintaining support for 2 operating systems involves a lot of work and takes up a lot of time including:
    • Scripting install & update software
    • Software testing
    • Testing compatibility
    • Every new feature must be tested on both Windows and Linux, which slows down our development team.
  3. Flussonic and some various other streaming server software is not supported on Windows.
  4. Our support team is continually falling out of touch with Windows Server and requires re-training, which means our developers are spending time on Installation & Upgrades.

Why is MediaCP no longer supported on Windows Server?

Ultimately the decision has been made so that we can free up our time and focus our efforts on building new features into the software.

How to move the MediaCP from Windows to Linux

We have developed a guide to migrate from Windows to Linux however we are also offering to complete this for our customers at no cost, as long as you have an active Support & Upgrades package.

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