MediaCP 2.10.11 Release Notes

This update brings a number of quality improvements to the Stable version, support for Wowza 4.8.15 and Flussonic 21.11 compatibility with their new v3 api.


  • Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.16+1 Support
  • Compatibility with Flussonic 21.11 v3 API
  • Icecast relay options now include Username, Password, and Meta
  • PHP 7.4 Support should bring performance and security benefits
  • Updated GeoIP data files for Country accuracy
  • Apply network socket tuning recommended for Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Database backup should not lock tables during process
  • MySQL startup script should reduce oom_score to reduce system oom killer targeting it when out of memory
  • Record WSE & Flussonic REST interactions into a log file
  • System Config -> Validate Panel URL setting to ensure prefix is specified also

Bug Fixes

  • Flussonic Reporting is missing data
  • Flussonic GeoIP statistics may not record under specific circumstances
  • PHP fpm service not re/starting when upgraded on CentOS
  • Icecast 2 services are listed in the YP with the secure port but YP does not support https links
  • Renaming WSE services results in 500 error
  • Unable to create new TV Station service with Flussonic 21.10
  • WHMCS API should automatically delete user account on termination of last service or reseller package
  • Admin last login text is broken on portuguese and turkish language
  • UTF-8 character issues in publish name with services created through WHMCS (old API)
  • Login button placement on safari is not ideal
  • It should not be possible to create multiple djs with the same username
  • Software upgrade will fix missing certbot files
  • iFrame and VideoJS players are not using the correct m3u8 link with Wowza Live Camera Restream
  • Better support for UTF-8 including Company Name and other aspects of the platform

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