MediaCP 2.10.13 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.10.13 brings further stability to the 2.10 Stable release.

Please note: Running the upgrade process may restart nginx and interrupt playing media, we are still investgating the cause of this.

Important Notes

  • This upgrade will reset icecast 2 and icecast 2 kh web templates. It will be required to reapply any custom changes to these templates after upgrade. If you are unsure then it likely will not affect you.


  • Ubuntu 18.04 & 20.04 operating systems are now supported
  • Debian 9 and 10 are now deprecated and will refuse new installations
  • Flussonic 22.04 Compatibility
  • Shoutcast 2.6.1 support with new SSL and MP3/AAC features
  • Flussonic should passthru audio since this is the way we implement transcoder with other video engines
  • When removing a service from the api, automatically delete user account if no other services or active reseller plan
  • Increase liquidsoap max buffer for audio transcoder using remote sources to prevent buffer overrun
  • Health check should validate Flussonic authentication
  • Add status-json support to Icecast KH
  • Back to base reporting should exclude suspended services in totals count
  • Upgrade script should check available disk space before proceeding also

Bug Fixes

  • mysqldump produces error with automatic backups when using MySQL 8
  • Reporting does not complete correctly when a service belongs to a deleted user
  • Reporting function get_user_agents_top() causes aggregate function error with MySQL 8
  • Wowza total bandwidth count does not match reporting traffic for this month
  • Whmcs products fail to create on the first attempt when WHMCS Random Usernames is enabled
  • Uploading video files with certain characters in the file name can break the upload
  • MPEG DASH cannot be disabled

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