MediaCP 2.10.2 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.10.2 is a maintenance release that includes a large number of improvements and bug fixes.

Notice: All new and existing Icecast 2 and Icecast 2 KH services will now include the burst on connection feature. If preferred, it is possible to disable this on each service individually.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Flussonic 20.10 installation & compatibility changes
  • Ability to whitelist IP addresses and subnets with Geo Country Locking feature for Audio Services
  • Mobile UI navigation improvements
  • Added delete customer button to Customer overview page
  • Add burst on connect and burst queue size options to Icecast services
  • Improved support for UTF-8 throughout panel
  • Add Source/Passthru option for NginxRtmp Transcoder
  • Customer announcements to be displayed on service overview if customer only has a single service, since they are no longer displayed with a dashboard
  • Add debug command to mediacp restart queue in order to bypass nohup and run on screen
  • Centralise service caching to simplify flushing and fix sticky cache issues
  • Wowza HTTP link should include playlist.m3u8
  • Add option to enable debug log in WSE Stream Targets
  • Update GeoIP Statistics to use GeoLite2-Country.mmdb database instead of outdated GeoIP.dat
  • Display a warning (admins only) if SSL support is disabled on Icecast but control panel has SSL enabled
  • Ensure TV Station stream publisher does not start again after service is stopped
  • Removed SMS field from email customer page and also ensure it is removed from other aspects of the control panel
  • Removed Password and Username Fields when authentication is disabled.
  • Further increase trial listener limit to 20 listeners per station

Bug Fixes

  • HOTFIX (2020-11-03): Facebook Stream Target compatibility
  • Navigation issues on Customers and Servers listing page
  • Line breaks in description of Facebook Stream Target causes critical 500 error
  • It should not be possible to create two dj accounts with the same username
  • Streaming services not installed if no autodj selected during initial gui setup
  • Unable to create services via API
  • GeoIP Statistics not working
  • GeoLock controller not accessible
  • SERVER_ADMINPASSWORD variable not working in service welcome emails
  • Remove Shoutcast & Icecast Stream Target options from NginxRtmp wizard since they are not supported yet
  • Queue command from health check is no longer valid and should be restart queue instead of restart-queue
  • Streaming to AutoDJ with mono channel causes ‘Incorrect Stream Type’ error in liquidsoap
  • Log files not accessible from log manager
  • Wowza services with recordings will not restart appropriately
  • RTMP enabled audio services do not restart correctly
  • Autodj playlist file upload not working
  • Allow .aac file upload for Shoutcast & Icecast services
  • API source.status is not working

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