MediaCP 2.11.3 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11.3 is a minor update that fixes a number of issues with the initial 2.11 release.

It also brings some performance improvements to media processing and report generation.

You should read the full 2.11 Release Notes also.

Important Notices

This version is available on the Latest release branch because it is not classified as stable at this moment. It may contain bugs and we advise most customers to remain on the Stable branch for a little while longer.


  • Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.16+1 Support (updated 12/12/21)
  • Compatibility with Flussonic 21.11 v3 API
  • Serbian Language Support
  • German language file updates
  • Icecast relay options now include Username, Password, and Meta
  • System Config -> Validate Panel URL setting to ensure prefix is specified also
  • Updated GeoIP data files for Country accuracy
  • Increase scroll bar width of Playlist Track Editor
  • Improve performance of cover art import and better handling of track processing
  • Apply network socket tuning recommended for Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Database backup should not lock tables during process
  • MySQL startup script should reduce oom_score to reduce system oom killer targeting it when out of memory
  • Record WSE & Flussonic REST interactions into a log file
  • Updated PHP to 7.4.26

Bug Fixes

  • PHP fpm service not re/starting when upgraded on CentOS
  • Icecast 2 services are listed in the YP with the secure port but YP does not provide https links
  • WHMCS API should automatically delete user account on termination of last service or reseller package
  • Storage display on Media page is empty when there is no limit set
  • PHP 7.3 is installed with 2.11 during under certain circumstances
  • UTF-8 character issues in publish name with services created through WHMCS (old API)
  • Login button placement on safari is not ideal
  • Mount points, Media and dj accounts pages have some display issues on mobile
  • It should not be possible to create multiple djs with the same username
  • Missing translation support on some items
  • Software upgrade will fix missing certbot files
  • Recently Played widget does not load from the Widgets page in some circumstances
  • Accessing a WSE Service overview shows non-administrator main menu while logged in as admin
  • iFrame and VideoJS players are not using the correct m3u8 link with Wowza Live Camera Restream
  • Scheduled reports cron might not be abiding by it’s queue limit causing an overwhelming amount of queries and load
  • Media Import not abiding by thread limit
  • Better support for UTF-8 including Company Name and other aspects of the platform
  • apostrophe in media title causes Track History to show slash
  • Copy & Paste not working well
  • Flussonic GeoIP statistics may not record under specific circumstances
  • MediaCP system service reportedly not starting automatically with Debian 11 install
  • Playlists & Schedule page will not load with Italian language selected

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