MediaCP 2.11.1 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11 is a new major feature release available on the Latest branch.

The upgrade focuses on major upgrades to audio service features (SHOUTcast & Icecast). See what’s new for a walk through of all the new features.

Important Notices

This version is available on the Latest release branch because it is not classified as stable at this moment. It may contain bugs and we advise most customers to remain on the Stable branch for a little while longer.

The upgrade process may take a lengthier time to complete as it is required to import all media files, it may include downtime for audio services with autodj capabilities. It is recommended to schedule downtime before upgrading.

Centova import is not compatible yet with 2.11.1, it is recommended to install 2.10.10 to run the import process, and then upgrade to 2.11.

Please take a full backup of your platform before upgrading, it is not possible to downgrade.

Change log

  • Entire rework of Audio Service Overview, minor changes to Video service overview
  • Replaced Google Charts with ChartJS
  • Replaced reliance on Google Maps with a free, no-config maps platform
  • Audio Widgets updated and improved
  • New Upcoming schedule widget for liquidsoap autodj services
  • Audio services with Liquidsoap or sc_transv2 can skip tracks
  • Audio services running SHOUTcast 2 or Liquidsoap now have a Recently Played widget
  • Audio services with Liquidsoap can now record live broadcasts
  • Repeat protection removed from service configuration and now available individually per playlist or event
  • Added Album and Artist repeat protection settings
  • Current DJ now displayed on service overview
  • After a DJ disconnects, the originally playing track won’t be continued and a new one will begin (assuming dj connected > 60 seconds)
  • DJs with liquidsoap now have scheduled login abilities
  • New Performance and Playback reports for Audio Services
  • Added Dark Mode
  • New comprehensive JSON API
  • Upgraded to PHP 7.4

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