MediaCP 2.12.4 Release Notes

This update brings several high impact performance & stability improvements as well as several bug fixes.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.12?

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Important Notices

  • Upgrades from version 2.10 or earlier may include downtime of AutoDJ services during the upgrade process. The upgrade process may also take some time to complete depending on the number of audio media content uploaded to the MediaCP and the speed of your disk + cpu processor. If you are concerned about the time that it will take to update then we recommend first testing the upgrade on another system by following our backup & restore guide

Notable Improvements

  • MCP-2313 Remove mysql param from flussonic installer and ensure that running configuration multiple times does not break flussonic
  • MCP-2220 Improved CPU usage of AutoDJ feedback.php
  • MCP-2309 Allow primary hostname to be configured with Custom Domains for scenarios where bind ip is used on the primary ip
  • MCP-2310 Update software packages
  • MCP-2312 Additional index to track_history table for increased performance
  • Liquidsoap upgraded to 2.12.1

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2133 Debian/Ubuntu OS not detected if lsb-core not installed (minimal builds)
  • MCP-2262 Connecting/disconnecting Wowza Stream Targets via API results in error regarding systems_class not found
  • MCP-2269 PHP Notice: Constant IS_WINDOWS already defined in ScanMedia.php
  • MCP-2270 Bandwidth history displaying months in alphabetical order.
  • MCP-2277 Audio Tracks on second page of Playlist Media tab are not being displayed
  • MCP-2283 Audio Media sorting by name with numbers is not sequential
  • MCP-2308 Reporting is creating a temporary table even if all results are cached
  • MCP-2311 Users are unable to scroll through available media in VOD player
  • MCP-2321 PHP Vary headers blocking nginx cache leads to large performance hit

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