MediaCP 2.13.2 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.13.2 is a minor upgrade including bug fixes to improve the stability and operation of the 2.13 version.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.13?

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  • [CentOS 7] NginxRtmp TV is currently not supported on CentOS 7 operating systems as the included ffmpeg version is too old to support Liquidsoap 2.1.2.
  • Downtime is expected when upgrading from 2.12 or older for NginxRtmp services where Transcoding Profiles are enabled. This will last only for the duration of the upgrade.
  • The ABR link format of {slug}_abr/{slug}_abr.m3u8 for NginxRtmp services is now discontinued and the master m3u8 playlist will now include all profiles. For example will now be

Release notes


  • MCP-547 ClientExec billing integration module
  • MCP-1154 Add Blesta module support
  • MCP-2371 Implement User related API methods


  • MCP-2373 Stream Target profiles should be enabled by default with limit set to 5 by default
  • MCP-2375 Audio Upload File Type check to revert to extension if “application/octet-stream”
  • MCP-2384 Recently played track history should fallback to service history instead of database where autodj is not started
  • MCP-2390 Improved performance of cover art fetching
  • MCP-2395 Update liquidsoap to 2.1.4 for improved AutoDJ & TV Channel functionality
  • MCP-2400 NginxRtmp Health Check for Liquidsoap version
  • MCP-2403 Check & Report liquidsoap version in health check
  • MCP-2367 Detect OpenVZ usage within Health Check and report failed check
  • MCP-2405 Administrator capability to delete log files from UI
  • MCP-2406 Increase timeout on Playback Report

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2307 Search function does not work on mobile phones in version 2.12.2
  • MCP-2365 Audio scheduling events with a missing parent relationship is unable to be deleted
  • MCP-2368 Unable to change video player from service page
  • MCP-2372 API methods for suspend and unsuspend return 404
  • MCP-2378 Empty Icecast passwords should not be accepted
  • MCP-2379 Updating Panel URL does not correctly change host address
  • MCP-2380 Asterix in nginx-rtmp password may cause connection issues when used with FMLE via vMix encoder
  • MCP-2387 Liquidsoap process not always shutting down when terminated from WHMCS
  • MCP-2389 Flussonic Stream Targets should not display option for Live Stream Only on TV Channels since it is not supported
  • MCP-2393 logrotate.service should not be placed on CentOS 7
  • MCP-2394 FTP Password missing from interfaces
  • MCP-2402 Shutdown of processes is being force killed (kill -9) without waiting for a graceful stop first
  • MCP-2407 Track Cover Art is not displayed when not using AutoDJ

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