MediaCP 2.9.5 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.9.5 is a maintenance release that includes a large number of bug fixes and minor amendments.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • HTTPS Proxy support for Shoutcast 198
  • Always restart queue service after upgrade
  • Add support for TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 while removing 1.0 and 1.1 on nginx configurations
  • Adjust SSL Ciphers for Icecast 2 & KH
  • Improve Stream Targets status on listing page
  • Disable MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming for Audio services RTMP Enabled (SC/IC Relay)
  • Update LimitNOFile from 10240 to 1024000
  • Update Polish translations from #ORS-49055
  • Remove recording of “error.618.1588550042.log” files as they aren’t utilised
  • Remove replay gain from Audio Transcoder service as it can only work on files, not streams
  • Owned license with expired support/upgrades should be allowed to install a new LTS version only
  • Add button to Reset FTP password to File Manager
  • Remove CPU usage warning from proxy setting
  • Set expiry on redis caching in nextsong to improve performance and reduce logouts
  • Adjust redis maxmemory-policy to allkeys-lru
  • NginxRtmp m3u8 playlist should return m3u8 if service is stopped or suspended, to ensure that stopped/suspended services do not continue to play
  • Automatically add MediaCP domain into station permitted domains
  • Optimise controller end-point caching
  • Update vendor packages
  • Cleanup software files that are no longer required
  • Increase Icecast trial user limit to 10 connections
  • Hide Social Media Posting for new installs

Bug Fixes

  • FTP accounts not created for Flussonic Ondemand services
  • Social Media Posting should not be available for Ondemand services
  • Navigation between service lists shows last item at top of subsequent pages
  • New Shoutcast services with version 2.5 selected are created as 2.6
  • Fix login page logo when logged out on a page other than index/root
  • Replace references of public_pages to stations
  • Deletion of services does not always remove all records
  • Listener count on audio public station page is not updating automatically
  • Auto redirect to login page instead of white page if logged out
  • Unconfigured stream targets should not be possible to “reconnect” as it causes errors in nginx-rtmp
  • Station Page Configuration should hide Public Page sections if disabled
  • Remove session_start from flussonics getNextVideo.php to avoid filling redis cache
  • Streaming services not installed if no autodj selected during initial gui setup
  • Log file manager should list file modification time in users timezone
  • UTF-8 accents not working in email subject
  • Liquidsoap should output metadata in UTF-8 to SC & Icecast servers to resolve issues with accents on meta data when streaming through AutoDJ
  • Redis may be incorrectly falling back to file caching
  • Reset ftp command does not recreate Flussonic ondemand services
  • Delete customer button not working
  • Services listing does not list connections in desc order if connections selected as default sort order
  • Customer updating account profile can break theme

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