How to Deploy MediaCP on AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a popular hosting provider due to it’s stability and extensive features. It has a great track record of uptime and security as well as advanced features and performance. The cost is significantly higher than other VPS providers but is a premium option for businesses seeking reliable cloud hosting services.

You can use EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) to deploy an instance of Linux and install Media Control Panel. We have a dedicated Video Guide that you can follow here, as well as a full write up below.


We recommend you review our system requirements page for recommended hardware before choosing a instance. In our guide we use C7A Large, C7A instances are powered by 4th generation AMD EPYC processes and provide great performance. They offer an expansive range of instance sizes ranging from 1 vCPU/2 GB Memory to 192 vCPU/ 384 GB Memory. They also offer a very high bandwidth 12.5 Gbps network. To chose the instance size that works best for you review our recommended hardware and decide what most closely matches your use case.

Configuring and Deploying Instance

This guide will assist you in deploying a new instance, generating an SSH key, and configuring your network and firewall settings to work with MediaCP.

    1. Navigate to EC2
    2. Launch a new instance
    3. Set a name for the instance ie “MediaCP”
    4. Choose the Debian 12 Amazon Machine Image
    5. Select your Instance Type, we used C7A large as an example
    6. Create and download a new SSH key pair in the PuTTY .ppk format if you are using PuTTY on Windows or the .pem format if using MacOS or Linux
    7. In Network Settings Enable Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet & Allow HTTP traffic from the internet
    8. Configure your servers firewall by creating new security group rules. Add in inbound security rules to allow the relevant ports in our system requirements
    9. Configure storage to meet our system requirements, we used 50 GB as an example but your storage needs will depend on your use case.
    10. Launch instance
    11. Once successfully setup select the instance and ensure status shows checks passed


Connecting via SSH

Installing MediaCP

To install MediaCP you can simply follow our detailed installation guide, ensuring you update system packages. Alternatively, you can have our team of experts complete the installation process for you by completing the installation request form ensuring you provide your private SSH key.

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