Enhanced AutoDJ Playlists

The flagship feature of our upcoming release includes a major update to the AutoDJ Manager Playlists when using LiquidSoap or Shoutcast Transcoder V2.

We introduce 3 different types of playlists including General Rotations, Scheduled and Interval Playlists. Transitioning between playlists is handled smoothly without a restart of the AutoDJ service, and does not interrupt the currently playing song.

General Rotations

The updated AutoDJ Manager introduces the concept of General Rotations, which replaces the original ‘single playlist’ approach with multiple weighted playlists that will play your songs when no other playlist is scheduled.

Scheduled Playlists

The original ‘Playlist Scheduler’ is now removed from Shoutcast & Icecast services and instead replaced by new functionality within the ‘AutoDJ Control’ feature. The feature we believe our customers will mostly look forward to here is that Scheduled Playlists no longer restart the AutoDJ service, or interupt the currently playing song. Once the scheduled playlist has completed, it will return to the General Rotations.

Interval Playlists

An interval playlist can be played every X songs or X minutes; and can also be configured to interrupt existing Scheduled Playlists, or not interupt Scheduled playlists.

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