What’s new in 2.10.7

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8

The latest and greatest version of Wowza Streaming Engine is now fully supported in the MediaCP.

The most notable improvement being Beamr transcoding which offers improved video quality with similar CPU usage compared to the MainConcept software encoder and decoder. Beamr is automatically enabled for all new and existing MediaCP services using Wowza Streaming Engine.

Custom Domain Names for Audio Services

It is now possible to configure custom domain names on each audio streaming service, including full automatic SSL support powered by our LetsEncrypt integration.

Improved Language Settings

A new language selection featuring a flag icon is now available on the login page as well as the software header. The language selection is persistent per device rather than per account. It is also possible to link to the control panel using a specific language by using ?language=english in the URL.

In addition, we’ve also added Turkish and Portuguese-br language options.

TV Station Calendar Improvements

Easily duplicate, edit and delete playlists by right clicking on the TV Station’s calendar. In addition, it is now possible to update the start and end time of a playlist by resizing the event on the calendar.

Audio Mount Points Improved

Some minor improvements to the audio mount points interface now seems

Improved backups performance

Improvements to the way backups are compressed should see a reduction in the amount of time to backup the media content on your system. Due to the reduction of time required to take a backup, you will also note an improvement in performance.

NginxRtmp & Flussonic Stream Target Status Improvements

We’ve made some major improvements to the stream target statuses which will see a more accurate status.

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