CentOS 6 Discontinued

It has been decided that the MediaCP support for CentOS 6 will end on 10th May 2020. After this date it will not be possible to install or upgrade the MediaCP on CentOS 6.

Attention Required

If you are still using CentOS 6 currently then you should upgrade to CentOS 7 before this date. * Note CentOS 8 is not currently supported.

Why will CentOS 6 no longer be supported?

CentOS 6 will officially reach end of life in November this year meaning security patches and bug fixes will no longer be provided by CentOS.

Our next version, MediaCP 2.9, will introduce support for Liquidsoap version 1.4 which is not compatible with CentOS 6. For this reason we have decided to remove CentOS 6 support at the same time as we launch MediaCP 2.9.

When will CentOS 8 be supported?

CentOS 8 will be supported on 11th May 2020.

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