MediaCP 2.10.4 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.10.4 is a maintenance release that includes a large number of improvements and bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • NginxRtmp applications to include custom configurations from /application/my-application/conf.d/
  • Ensure maintenance page is not displayed for HTML5 player and widgets on upgrade
  • Update PHP to 7.3.24
  • Reduce latency with nginx-rtmp by reducing hls_fragment and hls_playlist_length
  • Icecast & KH – Queue size field and plugin default config for queue and burst size
  • Improve upgrade process involving htdocs to prevent issues with temp/ path
  • Validate stream target host names to prevent invalid configurations
  • Backup log should include date and time of run and resulting daily or weekly file name
  • Restart Icecast 2 services after SSL renewal to apply new certificate (does not apply to icecast 2 kh)
  • Custom location inclusions for nginx.conf and nginx proxy.conf

Bug Fixes

  • Resellers are unable to unsuspend services that are automatically suspended
  • Customers are sorted with email address rather than customer name
  • Creating services from WHMCS with plugins or sourceplugins that are not installed result in a corrupted table record
  • Getting started overlap in Spanish language
  • Flussonic Stream Targets are not stopped appropriately due to flussonic api changes
  • WSE Adobe RTMP Playback cannot be enabled after disabling in MediaCP
  • Shoutcast & Icecast Stream Targets do not report status correctly when using Source stream settings such as Live Stream Only
  • Resellers media services page navigation links are not working
  • Unable to download historic reporting files
  • Deleting reseller user should remove all services first
  • Resellers are unable to delete services
  • Copying a widget copies multiple codes at once.
  • Weekly backup package not saved
  • Reset and send password not working
  • Backup priority using ionice set incorrectly
  • Connections missing from Flussonic streaming services
  • Flussonic transcoder would not be disabled when unchecking all profiles in MediaCP
  • Fixed issue deleting service directories

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