MediaCP 2.10.9 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce the release of MediaCP 2.10.9 which provides stability and performance improvements.

What’s new?

  • Debian 11 is now fully supported with MediaCP
  • Debian 8 is now deprecated; it will no longer be possible to install MediaCP on this system though you can still upgrade.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine Java JDK 12 is now installed to improve performance.
  • NginxRTMP RTMP Output services now include RTMP Output option.
  • Flussonic 21.09 Compatibility for Reporting & Stream Targets
  • FTP SSL / TLS Support is now available

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Liquidsoap AutoDJ to use filename as fallback song title if metadata does not exist
  • NginxRtmp RTMP Output
  • Pre-upgrade backups should be stored in user defined backups location instead of /usr/local/mediacp/backups
  • Service configuration toggle should be displayed in disabled mode when field cannot be edited instead of displaying 1 or 0
  • Block ports being created with portbase above 65535, the maximum port for a system
  • Use Flussonic Events API to obtain historical reporting data and repair reporting for flussonic services
  • Deploy script should restart icecast services in the background to not hold up the deployment process and cause a possible stall
  • Enable Java JDK 12 for Wowza Streaming Engine to improve CPU performance
  • Block Flussonic Installation on CentOS 7 since it is not supported by flussonic
  • NginxRtmp Youtube, Twitch & Custom RTMP Stream Targets should be moved direct to ffmpeg for improved stability
  • AutoSSL to run in the background so nginx process is not down for too long
  • Update german translations thanks to Sascha
  • Log stream target reconnections that are triggered by cron job into a log file
  • Reset release tier to Stable in anticipation of 2.11 update moving to Latest
  • Automatically enable Wowza Production mode on install or update
  • Reporting for Icecast services now includes data from all Mount Points
  • Update PHP to 7.3.31
  • Update liquidsoap to version 1.4.4

Bug Fixes

  • Hot-fix: Issue with sc_trans v2 or ices AutoDJ not working (6 Oct 2021)
  • Reporting Sessions not displaying correctly on Icecast KH service
  • Unable to schedule TV Station playlists on a Saturday in certain timezones
  • Database index unique_connections_idx missing from some 2.10.7 upgrades
  • Healthcheck for Checking Wowza Streaming Engine Authentication fails incorrectly
  • Creating an Icecast 2 service from WHMCS does not apply password
  • Creating an Icecast service through WHMCS/api sets the admin password instead of the source password
  • WHMCS module sync button returns version error when unable to connect
  • Flussonic reporting broken due to flussonic deprecation of sql api
  • Push Targets report Push target not found with Flussonic 21.09.1
  • It is not possible to save the HTML Audio Player configuration if Public Page feature is disabled

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