MediaCP 2.11.2 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11.2 is a minor update that fixes a number of issues with the initial 2.11 release.

You should read the full 2.11 Release Notes also.

Important Notices

This version is available on the Latest release branch because it is not classified as stable at this moment. It may contain bugs and we advise most customers to remain on the Stable branch for a little while longer.


  • Added /whmcs-status.php location to MediaCP
  • Speed up debian install/update by bundling apt packages togethor

Bug Fixes

  • Set IdlePurgePolicy to improve WSE stability with many applications
  • Bandwidth aggregation should not include autodj source
  • CentOS 7 Install/Upgrade Issues with libzip
  • New installation of 2.11 results in database index error which causes autodj to not run correctly
  • Imported Jingles prevent loading of jingles page after upgrade
  • Imported Jingles from < 2.11 are not playing
  • Saving service configuration as reseller results in a redirection to invalid page with Unable to locate service id error
  • Nginx Error after fresh install of the latest version
  • Admin last login text is broken on portuguese and turkish language
  • Reseller Usage on Customer Overview page displaying titles as “M”
  • Invalid password on login does not provide notice
  • Service list connections not updating
  • Video embed codes for players other than iframe include an invalid URL
  • Uploaded media with no tags is not processed
  • Service overview audio player does not work with Shoutcast 2 direct connection with premium license

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