MediaCP 2.11.7 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11.7 provides a number of bug fixes and improvements.

This version is available on the Latest Release Tier and will be published to Stable Tier very soon.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.11?

MediaCP 2.11 includes major improvements to almost every aspect of SHOUTcast & Icecast services with a brand new Service Overview page, overhauled media track management and AutoDJ features.

Read more about What’s new in MediaCP 2.11.

Important Notices

  • Notice: Customers using CentOS 7 and Liquidsoap.
    The latest versions of Liquidsoap no longer supports libsamplerate for CentOS 7 installations. The alternative provided is a native resampler provided by liquidsoap, however libsamplerate typically sounds better. It is recommended that you upgrade to a newer operating system for best quality.
  • Upgrades from version 2.10 or earlier may include downtime of AutoDJ services during the upgrade process. The upgrade process may also take some time to complete depending on the number of audio media content uploaded to the MediaCP and the speed of your disk + cpu processor. If you are concerned about the time that it will take to update then we recommend first testing the upgrade on another system by following our backup & restore guide

Notable Improvements

  • Quick search will now check slug also
  • Update geoip databases
  • Display error messages on screen for failed audio media uploads
  • Add WHMCS server status compatible file to MediaCP with authentication
  • Uploading media is now prevented if storage limits are reached

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2166 Memory leak in liquidsoap on CentOS 7 and Debian 9
  • MCP-2165 Icecast sources directive should be increased to the limit of mountpoints configured on the service to improve master/slave relays.
  • MCP-2159 Shoutcast and Icecast processes should be force killed with kill -9 if the standard kill command is not successful
  • MCP-2155 Problems connecting live when crossfade is enabled for autodj services
  • MCP-2152 Last updated timestamp missing on Global Statistics page for both connections and data rate
  • MCP-2144 Relay from port should be deleted for Shoutcast 2 on media service creation wizard
  • MCP-2139 Global statistics CPU and DIsk not displaying correctly.
  • MCP-2084 Webm media tracks should not be possible to upload to audio service
  • MCP-1867 Stream Targets link does not appear for Wowza Relay service types
  • MCP-1845 Selecting the update song title option and then cancelling without change causes the filename to be changed to “null”
  • MCP-1812 MPEG DASH cannot be disabled
  • MCP-1765 Auto-Start recording is not working for Wowza live services.

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