MediaCP 2.13.5 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.13.5 is a minor upgrade with a handful of bug fixes mostly relating to video streaming and nginx-rtmp services, further improving stability.

We have also introduced compatibility with NginxRtmp TV Channnels on CentOS 7

Whats new in MediaCP 2.13?

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  • [CentOS 7] NginxRtmp TV is now supported however installation of ffmpeg & liquidsoap may take some time to complete as manual compilation is required.
  • Downtime is expected when upgrading from 2.12 or older for NginxRtmp services where Transcoding Profiles are enabled. This will last only for the duration of the upgrade.
  • The ABR link format of {slug}_abr/{slug}_abr.m3u8 for NginxRtmp services is now discontinued and the master m3u8 playlist will now include all profiles. For example will now be

Release notes


  • MCP-2477 HealthCheck system hostname resolve
  • MCP-2492 NginxRtmp Stability & TV Playback Improvements
  • MCP-2335 NginxRtmp TV Feature support for CentOS 7 now available

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2359 Uploading multiple files causes files to appear to be duplicated in TV playlist
  • MCP-2462 Nginx proxy should include locations on non-secure port in addition to secured
  • MCP-2478 HTTP Origin Mode for Wowza Streaming Engine is not editable
  • MCP-2479 Uploading media fails if all Cover art providers are disabled and track does not include a cover
  • MCP-2480 Wowza HLS Link on Widgets & Links page is not provided with ABR/SMIL when transcoder enabled
  • MCP-2491 NginxRtmp Icecast Stream Targets causing UI to freeze
  • MCP-2494 Video format not displayed correctly on some files from TV Playlist
  • MCP-2495 Enabling DVR on Nginx Livestream services breaks the stream (2023-07-27)
  • MCP-2496 Add ffmpeg logging to NginxRtmp services for further troubleshooting (2023-07-27)
  • MCP-2335 Liquidsoap 2.1.2 fails to install on CentOS 7.9 (2023-07-27)
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed issue with 2.11.6 upgrade getting stuck relating to video services (2023-07-28)
  • [HOTFIX] Disabled nginx-rtmp error logging as it does not include any useful information relating to video streaming (2023-07-28)
  • MCP-2501 Queue manager healthcheck false report (2023-07-31)

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