MediaCP 2.14.0 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.14 is a major upgrade including new features. In this release we have focused on an overhaul of statistics and reporting by popular request of customers through our feature request program.

This version is now available on the Latest Release Tier.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.14?

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Notable Improvements

  • MCP-2546 CentOS Stream 9 and AlmaLinux 9 Support
  • MCP-2612 NginxRtmp Reporting is now available (MCP-2566 / MCP-2397)
  • MCP-2410 Improved Streaming Statistics & Reporting
  • MCP-2487 Reporting performance improvement with large data
  • MCP-478 Reporting to store data up to 2 years
  • MCP-1041 Provide per-mountpoint listener statistics in usage graphs and advanced reporting
  • MCP-1362 Provide Region/State and City locations in addition to Country stats reports
  • MCP-2529 Added Purchase URL meta data field to Media Manager


  • Post-processing Reporting Background Process
    After upgrade, a background process will be launched to start applying changes to the historical reporting data that will make the system more effecient. This process may take a few hours or up to 24 hours or even longer depending on the amount of data and the system performance. During this time, reporting information may be missing session counts, and a notice will be displayed on the admin dashboard, and on the service reporting pages advising of this.
  • Monthly Reports
    The generation of reports across many accounts can cause high load and we recommend instead for users to obtain any required reports from the new reporting interface. During the upgrade process, all services will have their monthly reports switched off. Should it be preferred otherwise, you can disable this change by adding the following line to the database.php file before starting the upgrade: define(‘HISTORICS_MONTHLY_DISABLE_ON_UPDATE’, FALSE);
  • Reporting Retention
    By default the reporting data retention period is chaning from 2 months to 6 months. This is possible through many performance improvements made to the application. It is possible to decrease or increase the retention period from System Config -> Statistics.
  • Raw Historic Downloads
    It was previously possible to download the raw entries of every connection from the database. In the majority of cases, this is a huge amount of data and will cause high system stress and even timeout. With the new and improved reporting interfaces, we believe this option can be retired and is now removed. The option can be retained by adding the following line to the database.php file: define(‘HISTORICS_MONTHLY_RAW’, TRUE);

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