MediaCP 2.10.12 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.10.12 brings further stability to the 2.10 Stable release.

Please note: Running the upgrade process may restart nginx and interrupt playing media, we are still investgating the cause of this.


Bug Fixes

  • Various Reporting & Statistics issues are now solved
  • Adding two or more stream targets to a flussonic service result in the original being disconnected
  • Map widget is no longer working
  • FTP details for Spanish appear in Portuguese
  • Flussonic Stream Targets displaying ‘Push target not found’ warning
  • WHMCS/API should update reseller plan if user account already exists and reseller plan is not specified
  • Login button placement on safari is not ideal
  • TRIAL LICENSE – Connection limit bugged
  • Invalid API key results in wrong error message on WHMCS module
  • Icecast & Icecast KH Local Relay Mount is not editable by customers
  • Weekly backup does not work on sundays
  • Audio Transcoder configuration button directs to admin page

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