WHMCS Integration Guide

WHMCS Integration Guide
- Fixed: MCP-1221 WHMCS Yes/No options no longer working with latest WHMCS version
- Added: Nginx-Rtmp to WHMCS Plugin
- Fixed: MCP-1199 Domain is not saved in WHMCS Matt 23/04/2020 2:38 PM
- Fixed: MCP-1198 Twitch option missing from WHMCS integration Matt 23/04/2020 12:38 PM
- Fixed: MCP-1165 WHMCS -> Login to Control Panel link is no longer working with latest WHMCS

Install the latest WHMCS Module

Please make sure you have the latest version of Media Control Panel.
You can check this from MediaCP Administration -> Software Updates.

  1. Login to https://www.mediacp.net/portal/ and select Services -> My Services.
  2. Select your active MediaCP license, select the Downloads Tab and download the appropriate module.
  3. Extract contents to your desktop and copy the extracted mediacp directory into [whmcs]/modules/servers.
  1. Please review the Adding a server in WHMCS and ensure these steps are completed.
  2. Follow the steps provided in Install the latest WHMCS Module.
  3. Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services and select any MediaCP product/service.
  4. After the page loads, press F5 to refresh the page and this will automatically update the Module Settings fields.
  5. Verify the Module Settings fields are entered correctly.

Now that you have installed the MEDIACP Module for WHMCS, you will need to add a new server to WHMCS.

  1. Login to WHMCS and navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers.
  2. Press Add New Server and fill out the following fields:
    • Name – Set this to any label describing the server
    • Hostname – Set this to the domain name of your MediaCP installation. For example only “mydomain.com” or “mediacp.net”. Do not include HTTP/HTTPS or the port number.
    • IP Address -> Set this to the IP Address of the machine on which MediaCP is running.
    • Type -> Select Media Control Panel from the list.
    • Username -> Enter your MediaCP admin username.
    • Password -> Enter your MediaCP admin password.
    • Access Hash -> Enter your MediaCP API Key here
    • Secure – Check this box if you have enabled SSL on your MediaCP panel.
    • Port – Port 2000 is the default port for MediaCP.

You are now ready to create and configure your first product for the MediaCP.

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services. Then, click Create a new Product.
  2. Select Shared Hosting Account and select a suitable product group and name and click Continue.


3. Select Module Settings tab and fill out base settings as preferred.


4. Press Save Changes

You can allow you customer to specify their preferred Publish Name by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to Setup->Products/Services. Then select an existing MediaCP product.
  2. Select the Custom Fields tab and Add New Custom Field with the following settings.
    • Field Name -> Publish Name
    • Field Type -> Text Box
    • Validation: /^[a-z\d_]{4,28}$/i
    • Check Required Field
    • Check Show on Order Form


You can let your customers build their own packages by setting Configurable Options.
  1. Navigate to Setup->Products/Services -> Configurable Options.
  2. Press Create a New Group
  3. Configure the Group Name and Assigned Products then press Add New Configurable Option.
  4. Refer to the table below to build your package options. It is important that the options are labelled correctly, you can choose to use either the Configurable Option or Alternatives for the Option names.
 Configurable OptionAlternativesOptionsDescription 
 Media ServiceShoutcast Shoutcast 2 Shoutcast 198 Icecast Icecast 2 Icecast 2 KH Icecast KH Wowza Streaming Engine Flash Media Service Windows Media Services
 SourceAutoDJShoutcast Transcoder V1 Shoutcast Transcoder V2 Ices 0.4 (MP3) Ices 2.0 (OGG) Stream Transcoder V3Alternatively, you can set this value to “Yes” and the module will automatically configure Shoutcast Transcoder V2.
MountpointsNumerical ValueNumber of mountpoints that the Shoutcast or Icecast service will include.Should be an integer.
AutoDJ SourcesNumerical ValueNumber of AutoDJ sources that can be applied to mountpoints on Shoutcast and Icecast services.Should be an integer.
Geo LockingGeolock Country LockingYes NoAllow or disallow geo country locking support on service
Source ReencodeAutoDJ ReencodeYes NoICES 0.4 ONLY
ConnectionsListeners Viewers Maximum Users Maximum Listeners Maximum ViewersNumerical ValueEnter a value between 0 and 9999.
 BitrateMaximum Bitrate24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320, 400, 480, 560, 640, 720, 800, 920, 1024, 1280, 1536, 1792, 2048, 2560, 3072, 3584, 4096, 99999Enter only one of the values in the options column. This may also contain “Kbps” at the end of the option value.
 Disk UsageDisk Quota Disk QuotaMB, GB or TBSpecify a value including MB, GB or TB. For example: 100MB
 Data TransferTransfer BandwidthMB, GB or TBSpecify a value including MB, GB or TB. For example: 100MB
 Historical ReportingReporting Advanced ReportingYes / NoEnabled or Disable Historical Reporting capabilities. Standard Usage tab will be displayed in either case.
Stream Publishing Options (Wowza & Flussonic) 
 Configurable OptionAlternativesOptionsDescription 
Stream PublishingStream TargetsYes / No Enables all stream targets
Facebook PublishingYes / No
Youtube PublishingYes / No
Periscope PublishingYes / No
Twitch PublishingYes / No
Shoutcast PublishingYes / No
Icecast PublishingYes / No
RTMP PublishingYes / No
Wowza Streaming Engine
 Configurable OptionAlternativesOptionsDescription 
Wowza Media TypeService Type Flash Media ServiceLive Streaming Live Streaming Low Latency TV Station Ondemand Streaming Shoutcast/Icecast Relay Live Camera Restream
 Live AuthenticationYes NoWowza Streaming Engine ONLY.
nDVR AddOnnDVR nDVR PlaybackYes NoWowza Streaming Engine ONLY.
Transcoder ProfilesTranscoder Profiles160p 240p 360p 480p 576p 720p 1080p 2160pComma delimited list of transcoder profiles.Available with MediaCP 2.6+For example: 240p 360p,576p 240p,360p,480p 480p,750p,1080p
Stream RecordingLive Stream RecordingYes NoWowza Streaming Engine ONLY.
 RTMPRTMP Support RTMP ServiceYes NoEnable RTMP/RTSP links for Shoutcast & Icecast Services ONLY.
Flussonic Media Server
 Configurable OptionAlternativesOptionsDescription 
 Service TypeService TypeLive Streaming
TV Station
Ondemand Streaming
 nDVR AddOnnDVRYes  / No

Custom Fields allow customers to enter specific text values for some configurations.

Field NameField TypeValidationDescription
Publish NameText Box/^[a-z\d_]{4,28}$/i

Available for all Media Service Types.

Customer can specify desired Publish Name. If not available, the name will automatically be updated.

Check the Required Field and Show on Order Form.

Shoutcast URLText Box


Customer can specify their Shoutcast Restream URL or IPCAM Restream URL.

Alternate field names can be:
Icecast URL
Restream Address
IPCAM Address

Wowza VHostDrop Down


Admin Only.
Required Field.





You can use the following email templates for various services.



Dear {$client_name},

Thank you for your order from us!

Your Shoutcast service has now been created and this email contains all the information you will need in order to begin using your services.

Hosting Control Panel
Service URL: {$service_server_hostname}
Username: {$service_username}
Password: {$service_password}

Media Service Information
Service Address: {$mediacp_host_address}
Service Port: {$mediacp_portbase}
Streaming Username: dj
Streaming Password: {$service_password}

Admin Address: http://{$service_domain}/admin
Username: admin
Password: {$service_password}

{foreach from=$service_config_options item=data}{$data.option}: {$data.value}

How to stream to your new service
1. Download and install Winamp from www.winamp.com
2. Download and install Winamp Shoutcast DSP Plugin from http://shoutcast.com/BroadcastNow
3. Enter your Service IP, Port & Password into the Shoutcast DSP Plugin then press connect.

Thank you for choosing us.


Please note, this template assumes you have configured the “Publish Name” custom field as the first custom field.


Dear {$client_name},

Thank you for your order from us!

Your media service has now been created and this email contains all the information you will need in order to begin using your services.

Hosting Control Panel
Service URL: {$service_server_hostname}
Username: {$service_username}
Password: {$service_password}

Media Service Information
RTMP: rtmp://{$service_dedicated_ip}/{$service_custom_fields.0}/{$service_custom_fields.0}
RTSP: rtsp://{$service_dedicated_ip}/{$service_custom_fields.0}/{$service_custom_fields.0}

{foreach from=$service_config_options item=data}{$data.option}: {$data.value}

Adobe Media Flash Live Encoder Configuration
FMS URL: rtmp://{$service_dedicated_ip}/{$service_custom_fields.0}
Stream: {$service_custom_fields.0}
Username: {$service_custom_fields.0}
Password: {$service_password}

Thank you for choosing us.