MediaCP 2.11.8 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11.8 provides a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.11?

MediaCP 2.11 includes major improvements to almost every aspect of SHOUTcast & Icecast services with a brand new Service Overview page, overhauled media track management and AutoDJ features.

Read more about What’s new in MediaCP 2.11.

Important Notices

  • Notice: Customers using CentOS 7 and Liquidsoap.
    The latest versions of Liquidsoap no longer supports libsamplerate for CentOS 7 installations. The alternative provided is a native resampler provided by liquidsoap, however libsamplerate typically sounds better. It is recommended that you upgrade to a newer operating system for best quality.
  • Upgrades from version 2.10 or earlier may include downtime of AutoDJ services during the upgrade process. The upgrade process may also take some time to complete depending on the number of audio media content uploaded to the MediaCP and the speed of your disk + cpu processor. If you are concerned about the time that it will take to update then we recommend first testing the upgrade on another system by following our backup & restore guide

Notable Improvements

  • MCP-2175 Add simple copy button to FTP details on Audio Media page

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2170 NginxRtmp Live Streaming allows broadcasting without password
  • MCP-2172 Audio Transcoder plugin should be allowed for Audio Subscription unlimited plans
  • MCP-2176 Audio files with audio/mpeg mime types should be permitted for upload
  • MCP-2177 Some mp3 file mimetypes are not being detected due to poor encoding of the file
  • MCP-2178 Large audio file uploads hit a memory issue
  • MCP-2188 Disk storage exceeded error however server has free disk space.
  • MCP-2189 Crossfade is running even though customer has turned it off.
  • MCP-2197 Sctrans processes not stopping correctly.
  • MCP-2204 crossfade not working as expected.
  • MCP-2208 Audio services do not show source IP address
  • MCP-2211 Bandwidth history displaying old data
  • MCP-2213 Custom Domain Certificates are only being renewed once expired
  • MCP-2215 HTML5 player displaying settings cog when not logged in
  • MCP-2225 Flussonic bandwidth amounts are inaccurate
  • MCP-2226 DJ Manager connection info shows Icecast 2 protocol when sc_transv2 is used

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