MediaCP 2.12.0 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.12 is a major upgrade including new features. In this release we have targetted features that customers have requested through our feature request program.

This version is available on the Latest Release Tier and will be published to Stable Tier very soon.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.12?

Read more about What’s new in MediaCP 2.12.

Important Notices

  • Upgrades from version 2.10 or earlier may include downtime of AutoDJ services during the upgrade process. The upgrade process may also take some time to complete depending on the number of audio media content uploaded to the MediaCP and the speed of your disk + cpu processor. If you are concerned about the time that it will take to update then we recommend first testing the upgrade on another system by following our backup & restore guide

Notable Improvements

  • UI Improvements including Admin Dashboard, Customers & Services listing pages
  • Audio Media Upload UI improved with upload history and status messages
  • Video Streaming Services now have a Public Page with video player
  • Video Player UI enhancement with Autoplay sound improvement
  • AutoDJ Event Schedule now includes Play Once or Loop option
  • Ability to limit # Stream Targets per service and for reseller plans
  • Live Video Streaming services allow recording to their own service with file manager enabled


  • Added View Playlist button to AutoDJ Schedule
  • Log level option added to Icecast services

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