MediaCP 2.13.7 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.13.6 is a minor upgrade with further improvements and bug fixes.

Whats new in MediaCP 2.13?

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  • [CentOS 7] NginxRtmp TV is now supported however installation of ffmpeg & liquidsoap may take some time to complete as manual compilation is required.
  • Downtime is expected when upgrading from 2.12 or older for NginxRtmp services where Transcoding Profiles are enabled. This will last only for the duration of the upgrade.
  • The ABR link format of {slug}_abr/{slug}_abr.m3u8 for NginxRtmp services is now discontinued and the master m3u8 playlist will now include all profiles. For example will now be

Release notes


  • MCP-2408 Wowza Streaming Engine upgraded to 4.8.25
  • MCP-2513 Flussonic 23.11.1 support
  • MCP-2453 Debian 12 Support
  • MCP-2559 HTML5 Audio Player to use Media API to send track information to desktop and other receivers
  • MCP-2553 Nginx-Rtmp initial HLS content will use a reduced segment duration to display content to users quicker
  • MCP-2472 Icecast KH will obtain information from fallback mountpoints when necessary
  • MCP-2342 Prevent backup if mysql database is inaccessible to prevent invalid backups
  • MCP-2517 Icecast Relay will default to port 80 or 443 depending on scheme when no port is specified in URL
  • MCP-2523 Healthcheck will provide warning on using CentOS 7 that it is very outdated
  • MCP-2526 Remove no longer supported mysql line from flussonic configuration file
  • MCP-2527 Liquidsoap upgrade process to check version against binary instead of only our version file
  • MCP-2534 Check and install nscd for centos/rhel distrobutions

Bug Fixes

  • MCP-2504 Enabling nDVR on Flussonic services stops playback
  • MCP-2516 Reseller account access denied when navigating to second page of customers
  • MCP-2518 Wowza nDVR AddOn selection in panel is missing header.
  • MCP-2519 Cannot enable nDVR on Wowza TV stations during creation.
  • MCP-2520 Missing Translation on Playout Track History
  • MCP-2521 TV Scheduling now indicator shows local device time instead of service time
  • MCP-2522 Red line on Nginx TV scheduling calendar is showing local time instead of service time zone.
  • MCP-2525 Database tables may overfill with data causing unresponsive application during automated deletion of old data
  • MCP-2536 Setting default sort order to Connections hides Nginx services on first page
  • MCP-2537 Cancelling service creation as reseller results in Access Denied You do not have permissions to access this file
  • MCP-2541 Icecast 2 installation is not successful leading to missing SSL certificate for KH services also
  • MCP-2544 Video_history table missing
  • MCP-2545 Monthly emailed report does not include all reports
  • MCP-2549 Performance report showing same value for performance and frequency
  • MCP-2552 Missing Translation Reload Schedule
  • MCP-2554 Flussonic bandwidth should not be including source/inbound traffic
  • MCP-2557 Upcoming Schedule Widgets not working with Custom Domain
  • MCP-2560 Starting MySQL… environment: line 257 error.
  • MCP-2562 Icecast KH Admin link is showing statistics instead of admin page

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