MediaCP 2.9.10 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.9.10 is a maintenance release that includes a number of bug fixes and minor amendments.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Liquidsoap to create and use PID file
  • Investigate report of liquidsoap installing 1.4 on the LTS branch
  • Add Stream Authentication configurable option for WHMCS services with feature disabled by default
  • Centova import script should set Shoutcast 2 to use 2.5 by default
  • Add timeout to StreamTarget fblogin connection to capture and properly display a timeout error message
  • Automatically redirect panel when accessed on port 80/http to https if enabled, excluding proxy links

Software Updates

  • Update PHP version to 7.3.27
  • Update ProFTPd to 1.3.6e

Bug Fixes

  • Debian proftpd.conf missing include statement
  • Update Icecast 2 default web/ files especially status-json.xml to resolve json bug with multiple sources
  • Creating ondemand services broken with Flussonic 20.1
  • MediaCP backup should use CheckDiskSpace function to ensure only htdocs, db & content is calculated in backup size
  • Centovacast import issues with Icecast burst_size field
  • New MediaCP and Flussonic installation does not enable HTTPS Port in MediaCP
  • Flussonic stream target reconnect issue
  • Weekly Backup issues with media content

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