MediaCP 2.9.7 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.9.7 is a maintenance release that includes a number of bug fixes and minor amendments.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Option to control YP Directory publishing on Icecast services
  • Flussonic 20.11 compatibility changes
  • Rotate and clear liquidsoap log files

Bug Fixes

  • Live stream bitrate to WSEM TV stations should not be averaged
  • Disk quota in WHMCS shows incorrect quota
  • API admin.user_remove not working correctly
  • Facebook Stream Target option for “Live Stream Only” and Transcoder options should be removed from Flussonic since it does not support these options
  • Forgotten password email is not sending when recaptcha is enabled
  • Stopping or restarting services from service overview is returning a 500 error
  • Clappr warning on TV Stations page about playlists is invalid, it should only be on Ondemand services
  • Ices 2.0 incorrectly requires format field when saving a mount point
  • Ices Reencode Playlist option should be toggle, not text field
  • Service overview 500 error under certain circumstances relating to GeoIP lookup on invalid address
  • Facebook save_vod issue & auto-reconnection

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