MediaCP 2.11.4 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.11.4 is a minor update that fixes a number of issues with the initial 2.11 release.

This release brings 2.11 closer to stability with a number of bug fixes resolved.

You should read the full 2.11 Release Notes also.

Important Notices

This version is available on the Latest release branch because it is not classified as stable at this moment. It may contain bugs and we advise most customers to remain on the Stable branch for a little while longer.

Known Issues

  • Live connection to liquidsoap AutoDJ may result in an “Unknown” in the now playing. This seems to be a bug with liquidsoap 2.0 – refer to Issue #2138 · savonet/liquidsoap ( The now playing will update next time the encoder sends a metadata update (i.e., on track change typically). A work around currently is to disable all dj accounts.


Notable Bug Fixes

  • Adding two or more stream targets to a flussonic service result in the original being disconnected
  • Byte-order mark (BOM) in media folders causes unexpected behaviour such as inability to open media page
  • Audio Embed Code is mistakenly including the textarea element
  • Can only add 208 songs to a playlist in 2.11
  • Maps config is still showing in getting started
  • Public page cannot be accessed outside of the panel
  • Top Countries widget is showing different results to Map widget
  • Database servers table is not populated with users_id where a prefix exists, causing 401 Unauthorised errors for customers
  • Live broadcast cutting in and out and creating multiple stream recording files when Smart Crossfade is off with adjusted duration/fade settings

Other Bug Fixes

  • 2.11 Import with db_prefix does not appear to be working
  • Default database collation is not utfmb4 for some older installations
  • FTP details for Spanish appear in Portuguese
  • WHMCS/API should update reseller plan if user account already exists and reseller plan is not specified
  • Login button placement on safari is not ideal
  • TRIAL LICENSE – Connections are always set to trial license limit and cannot be set less
  • Invalid API key results in wrong error message on WHMCS module
  • Translation missing for Username and Email fields on the forgotten password page
  • On forgot password page email field is labelled as password
  • Icecast & Icecast KH Local Relay Mount is not editable by customers
  • Twitter social media posting cannot be configured.
  • Weekly backup does not work on sundays
  • Audio Transcoder configuration button directs to admin page

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