Add Video Streaming to Your Business

If you want to expand your audience and offer more value to your customers, you should consider adding video streaming to your audio streaming business. With MediaCP, you can easily manage both audio and video streaming from the same panel.

Service Type Selection

If you have an existing Audio License, we have a special offer so that you can try video streaming for free for a limited time. You will just need to contact our support team so we can enable video streaming on your license. Alternitively you can try out our panel with a free 7-Day trial license.

Once you have your license with video enabled, getting started can be as simple as installing a Video Server by following our installation guides.

MediaCP offers support for three different Video Streaming Servers:

What can I do with Video Streaming on MediaCP

MediaCP is a powerful panel that allows you to stream video content with multiple service types. You can choose from the following service types:

  • Live Streaming: Live Streaming services let you broadcast live video from your computer, mobile device, or encoder to your audience. Depending on your streaming server you may be able to record your live streams and publish them as on-demand videos later. Live streaming is ideal for events, webinars, sports, concerts, and more.
  • TV Station: TV Station Services allow you to create a 24/7 online broadcast including both scheduled video files and live input. TV Station services are designed to be “always on” and provide a stream 24/7. You can schedule your videos in advance and add live streams as well. You can also setup VAST and VMAP Advertising and overlays to monetize your channel. TV station is ideal for creating a TV-like experience for your viewers.
  • On-Demand Video Streaming: Depending on your Streaming Server you may have access to On-Demand services. Dynamic playlists allow your customers to configure their video playlists from the MediaCP and automatically update on their website in realtime– with no changes to code. This powerful feature means your customers only ever need to apply embed code to their websites only once.
  • Relay/IP Camera: Relay services are capable of rebroadcasting from another RTMP, RTSP or HLS source. Rebroadcasting allows you to push out a stream with higher bandwidth availability as well as use many of the MediaCP functions such as Transcoding, Stream Publishing (Facebook, YouTube, etc), reporting and much more.

Those services are just the start, you can also take advantage of DVR, Recording, Video Transcoding (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming), VAST/VMAP Advertising, GeoIP Country Locking and Simulcasting to a multitude of social media platforms and applications.

Will I need a new server?

This will depend on your current servers hardware and on your intended video load. We have our reccomended system requirements for video streaming outlined on our System Requirements page. If do need to upgrade and are running your panel on VPS (Virtual Private Server) you can likely upgrade your server easily if you contact your datacentre. You are also welcome to contact our support team for assistance.

Will I need any additional licenses?

This will depend on your chosen Video Streaming Server, Wowza Streaming Engine and Flussonic Media Server do require their own licenses from their respective companies. They do both offer free trials if you would like to try them out.

Nginx-Rtmp Video Server is a free alternative to those premium steaming servers, at the cost of some features and functionality Nginx-Rtmp can be a great starting offering for your business. You can compare the features available for these Video Servers on our Video Feature Comparision page.

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