MediaCP Manual
    1. Getting Started
    2. Sales Questions
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Transcoder System Benchmarks
    5. Start your own streaming platform
    1. Change account currency
    2. Product Licensing
    1. Introduction
    2. Installation & Upgrade
      1. System Requirements
      2. Versions & Releases
      3. Installation
      4. Upgrading
      5. Streaming Servers
        1. Nginx-Rtmp Video Server
        2. Flussonic Media Server
        3. Icecast 2 / Icecast KH
        4. Video Feature Comparison
        5. Wowza Streaming Engine
      6. SSL Certificates
    3. Billing Integration
      1. WHMCS Integration Guide
      2. Clientexec Integration Guide
      3. Blesta Integration Guide
    4. Migrate from other software
      1. Migrate from Centovacast
    5. Backup & Restoration
      1. Backup MediaCP
      2. Restore MediaCP
      3. Transfer to another server
    6. Administration
      1. Custom Web Service Configurations
      2. Reset Admin Password
      3. Port 80 / 443 Proxy
      4. MediaCP System Commands
      5. Change MediaCP domain name
      6. Move media to another hard disk
      7. Secure your server
      8. Troubleshooting Login Errors
      9. Custom Facebook App
    7. Scaling
      1. Scale with Wowza and CloudFront CDN
      2. Nginx-Rtmp with CloudFront CDN
    8. Troubleshooting
      1. Grant access to support team
      2. Troubleshooting Wowza Streaming Engine
      3. FTP Troubleshooting
      4. MySQL Database Troubleshooting
      5. Reporting Troubleshooting
      6. Troubleshooting Liquidsoap AutoDJ
      7. Video Relay Troubleshooting
    1. Introduction
    2. Administrators Dashboard
    3. System Configuration
      1. General
      2. Services
      3. Video Players
      4. Albums
      5. Email
      6. Plugins
      7. Statistics
      8. Backups
      9. Custom HTML
      10. Misc
    4. Customer Accounts
      1. Managing existing Customers
      2. Create a new Customer
      3. Deleting a Customer
      4. Login as another Customer
      5. Send email to Customer
      6. Reset Customer Password
    5. Reseller Accounts
      1. Reseller Plans
      2. Create a Reseller Account
    6. Media Services
      1. Creating a Media Service
      2. Deleting a Media Service
    7. Announcements
      1. Managing Announcements
      2. Creating Announcement
      3. Deleting Announcement
    8. Statistics
    9. Software Health
    10. Software Updates
    11. Email Templates
    12. API
    1. API Documentation
    2. Custom Domain Names
    3. Shoutcast 2 Admin Guide
    4. Wowza and Flussonic on same system
    5. Submit a feature request
    6. Wowza Custom Properties
    1. Shoutcast 2 Live Broadcasting
    2. DJ Priorities
    3. HTML5 Audio Player
    4. Broadcasting with AutoDJ
    5. Shoutcast 2 Premium
    6. Mount Points
    1. Getting started with video streaming
    2. Live Streaming Overview
    3. TV Station Overview
    4. Ondemand Video Streaming
    5. Relay & IP Camera
    6. Connecting your encoder
    7. Managing your media files
    8. Embedding player on your website
    9. Video Transcoding (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming)
    10. Image Logo or Watermark Overlay on Video Stream
    11. nDVR Live Streaming
    12. Shoutcast 2 Stream Publishing
    13. Facebook Live Streaming
    14. Youtube Stream Publishing
    15. Icecast Stream Publishing
    16. Twitch Stream Publishing
    17. Periscope Stream Publishing
Administrators Dashboard

Last updated 9 months ago

The Administrators Dashboard provides a snapshot of what is happening within your Media Control Panel.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is displayed after you first install the Media Control Panel software. This component provides a basic guide on important steps that should be completed on every installation.

Once the component is dismissed, it will not be possible to display again.

  • Company Name – This will be highlighted if the default company name has not been changed from System Configuration.
  • E-Mail Settings – Determines how system emails are delivered to your Customers. Highlighted if Email SMTP has not  been configured.
  • Recaptcha – Provides an additional layer of security to your login pages and can be configured from System Configuration -> Misc
  • Create Service – Highlighted if there are no services created in the Media Control Panel.


Information Widgets


  • Media Services – Provides a quick overview of the number of online services within your control panel, including the estimated current traffic throughput and number of connections viewing or listening to these services. Clicking on the number next to the word “Online” will link to the Media Services page with a filter for Online Services only.
  • Offline Services – Indicates the number of services in an Offline state. Services will be in an offline state if they are stopped by a user, or if they were unable to start successfully. The View offline services links to the Media Services page with a filter for Offline Services. This does not included media services in a Suspended State.
  • Active Customers – The number of Customers that have at least one Media Service. This does not include Media Services in a Suspended State, it is presumed these are no longer active.
  • Active Resellers – The number of Customers with a Reseller Plan assigned, with active Customers or Media Services.

Top Media Services

The Top Media Services component provides quick overview of the top 5 performing media services by number of active connections.

Recent Logins

Displays all successful Customer account logins over the last 72 hours (maximum 40).

Table of Contents