MediaCP Manual
    1. Getting Started
    2. Sales Questions
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Transcoder System Benchmarks
    5. Start your own streaming platform
    1. Change account currency
    2. Product Licensing
    1. Introduction
    2. Installation & Upgrade
      1. System Requirements
      2. Versions & Releases
      3. Installation
      4. Upgrading
      5. Streaming Servers
        1. Nginx-Rtmp Video Server
        2. Flussonic Media Server
        3. Icecast 2 / Icecast KH
        4. Video Feature Comparison
        5. Wowza Streaming Engine
      6. SSL Certificates
    3. Billing Integration
      1. WHMCS Integration Guide
      2. Clientexec Integration Guide
      3. Blesta Integration Guide
    4. Migrate from other software
      1. Migrate from Centovacast
    5. Backup & Restoration
      1. Backup MediaCP
      2. Restore MediaCP
      3. Transfer to another server
    6. Administration
      1. Custom Web Service Configurations
      2. Reset Admin Password
      3. Port 80 / 443 Proxy
      4. MediaCP System Commands
      5. Change MediaCP domain name
      6. Move media to another hard disk
      7. Secure your server
      8. Troubleshooting Login Errors
      9. Custom Facebook App
    7. Scaling
      1. Scale with Wowza and CloudFront CDN
      2. Nginx-Rtmp with CloudFront CDN
    8. Troubleshooting
      1. Grant access to support team
      2. Troubleshooting Wowza Streaming Engine
      3. FTP Troubleshooting
      4. MySQL Database Troubleshooting
      5. Reporting Troubleshooting
      6. Troubleshooting Liquidsoap AutoDJ
      7. Video Relay Troubleshooting
    1. Introduction
    2. Administrators Dashboard
    3. System Configuration
      1. General
      2. Services
      3. Video Players
      4. Albums
      5. Email
      6. Plugins
      7. Statistics
      8. Backups
      9. Custom HTML
      10. Misc
    4. Customer Accounts
      1. Managing existing Customers
      2. Create a new Customer
      3. Deleting a Customer
      4. Login as another Customer
      5. Send email to Customer
      6. Reset Customer Password
    5. Reseller Accounts
      1. Reseller Plans
      2. Create a Reseller Account
    6. Media Services
      1. Creating a Media Service
      2. Deleting a Media Service
    7. Announcements
      1. Managing Announcements
      2. Creating Announcement
      3. Deleting Announcement
    8. Statistics
    9. Software Health
    10. Software Updates
    11. Email Templates
    12. API
    1. API Documentation
    2. Custom Domain Names
    3. Shoutcast 2 Admin Guide
    4. Wowza and Flussonic on same system
    5. Submit a feature request
    6. Wowza Custom Properties
    1. Shoutcast 2 Live Broadcasting
    2. DJ Priorities
    3. HTML5 Audio Player
    4. Broadcasting with AutoDJ
    5. Shoutcast 2 Premium
    6. Mount Points
    1. Getting started with video streaming
    2. Live Streaming Overview
    3. TV Station Overview
    4. Ondemand Video Streaming
    5. Relay & IP Camera
    6. Connecting your encoder
    7. Managing your media files
    8. Embedding player on your website
    9. Video Transcoding (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming)
    10. Image Logo or Watermark Overlay on Video Stream
    11. nDVR Live Streaming
    12. Shoutcast 2 Stream Publishing
    13. Facebook Live Streaming
    14. Youtube Stream Publishing
    15. Icecast Stream Publishing
    16. Twitch Stream Publishing
    17. Periscope Stream Publishing

Last updated 11 months ago

Widgets / Components

Disk Usage Notice / Warning

A notice is displayed at the top of the page when the system disk where MediaCP is installed is at greater than 85% usage. The warning is to allow the administrator time to reduce the disk usage before the system runs out of available disk space.

Connections, Traffic, Data Transfer & Customer Logins

  • Connections – Provides the current number of viewer or listener connections to services provided by the Media Control Panel. It is possible to click on the “X Online” to display all Online Services, including those that are not currently streaming.
  • Traffic – The estimated current traffic throughput and number of connections viewing or listening to Online Services.
  • Data Transfer this month – The total estimated data transfer consumed by all services since the beginning of the current month.
  • Customer logins today – The number of Customers (including all users such as Customers, Resellers or Administrators) that have logged into the MediaCP today. “Today” starts at midnight from the currently logged in users Timezone.

CPU (Usage)

The CPU pie chart displays the current CPU utilization summary of all cores at the time of loading the page. The purple colour indicates the current utilization of the CPU. The Blue indicates available CPU resources.

Memory (Usage)

  • Used – The amount of memory actively used by all running processes.
  • Cached – Cached memory is memory that Linux uses for disk caching. However, this doesn’t count as “used” memory, since it will be freed when applications require it. Hence you don’t have to worry if a large amount is being used.
  • Available (GB) – The remaining amount of available memory on the system.

Disk (Usage)

Lists the disk partitions where mediacp is installed. If media contents is moved to another disk, then it will be displayed here also.

Note that only one disk partition will be displayed if both MediaCP and contents is installed on the same disk/partition even in different paths.

  • Disk: – The mounted disk partition
  • Available – The amount of free disk space available on the disk partition.
  • Used – The amount of disk space consumed on this partition.
  • Total Size – The total size of the disk partition as reported by the system

Streaming Connections

The chart displays the Peak and Average connections over the last 14 days.

  • Last Updated at – When the data was last updated
  • Peak – The maximum number of viewers or listeners connected to services deployed from MediaCP in this hour.
  • Average – The average represents the typical number of viewers or listeners connected in this hour.

Data Rate

The chart displays the Peak and Average amount of data streamed via the MediaCP software over the last 14 days. The graph generally flows similarly to the streaming connections graph since it works from similar data.

  • Last Updated at – When the data was last updated
  • Peak – The maximum amount of consecuive data by Mbps streamed from services deployed by the MediaCP in this hour.
  • Average – The average represents the typical rate of consecutive data (Mbps) streamed from services deployed by the MediaCP in this hour.

Table of Contents