MediaCP Manual
MediaCP System Commands

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Core Application

The core MediaCP application is managed by your systems service manager (systemd) so it is possible to use standard commands to manage the application.
systemctl status mediacp; # Provides status of entire mediacp suite
systemctl restart mediacp; # Restarts application services (nginx, php, mysql, redis, queue)
systemclt stop mediacp; # Stops application services
In addition, the application binary is mapped to /usr/bin/mediacp allowing a range of additional management options.
/usr/bin/mediacp help; # Shows all available commands
/usr/bin/mediacp restart services; # Restarts all media services
/usr/bin/mediacp phpmyadmin enable; # Enables phpmyadmin access to database

Media Servers

Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine is managed by the systemd service manager so it is possible to check status and restart using standard system commands including the below. It is important to note that the stremaing server and the management interface run under two separate proceses.

systemctl status WowzaStreamingEngine; # Check Wowza streaming status
systemctl status WowzaStreamingEngineManager; # Check Wowza manager status
systemctl restart WowzaStreamingEngine; # Restarts Wowza streaming Engine


systemctl restart WowzaStreamingEngineManager; # Restarts wowza manager


Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic is managed by the systems service manager (service). It can be managed by systemd but in our experience it is better managed by the service command instead.

service Flussonic status; # Check Flussonicstreaming status
service Flussonic restart; # Restarts Flussonic


Nginx-Rtmp  Video Server is managed by MediaCP directly, it can be checked using standard MediaCP status such as systemctl status mediacp however you can manage the process independantly through the following commands.

/usr/bin/mediacp status nginx-rtmp
/usr/bin/mediacp restart nginx-rtmp

Audio Streaming Services

Stop all audio services

The following commands send a signal to each audio service to request a normal shutdown procedure.

pkill icecast;
pkill sc_serv;
pkill liquidsoap;
pkill ices;

Force stop all audio services

The below commands will force quit all audio service applications, it does not follow normal shutdown procedure and should be used only where necessary.

pkill -9 icecast;
pkill -9 sc_serv;
pkill -9 liquidsoap;
pkill -9 ices;

Restart all media services

/usr/bin/mediacp restart services

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