MediaCP Manual
Move media to another hard disk

Last updated 3 months ago

It is recommended that you move the content directory to another disk drive and create a symbolic link to the new location.

Please do not create a link of the entire /usr/local/mediacp directory, ONLY the /usr/local/mediacp/content.

1. Stop the entire MediaCP service and video services to prevent writes to the content path

systemctl stop mediacp;
systemctl stop WowzaStreamingEngine;
systemctl stop flussonic;

2. Move content directory to /home/mediacp/content

mv /usr/local/mediacp/content /home/mediacp

3. Create symbolic link

ln -s /home/mediacp /usr/local/mediacp/content

4. Ensure new path is owned recursively by mediacp user

chown -R mediacp:mediacp /home/mediacp

5. Restart MediaCP

systemctl restart mediacp;
systemctl restart WowzaStreamingEngine;
systemctl restart flussonic.

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