Wowza Services


Statistics Parser Error:: CURL HTTP Code not 200, returned 401

AdminUserPass" in MediaCP -> Configuration -> Plugins is configured incorrectly.

The Wowza Stream Manager Password is stored in [WowzaInstallDir]/vhosts/default/conf/admin.password.
(On Linux this is usually /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/vhosts/default/conf/admin.password) 

You should ensure this password matches exactly to the username:password configured in the MediaCP.
Important Note: Your the username or password must NOT contain a colon (":"), if it does - replace this with any other character.


ERROR: Statistics Parser Error:: Critical Error :: Wowza application does not exist 

This error means that the service you have created is not recognised by Wowza Media Server.
There are a number of reasons this might occur.

  • Make sure Wowza Media Service is running.
    On Linux, you can issue "ps aux |grep wowza".

  • A common mistake is the MediaCP -> Configuration -> Plugin WowzaDir is invalid.
    The WowzaDir should be /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/
    The ending slash is important!

  • Make sure the [WowzaInstall]/vhosts/default/conf/{NAME} directory exists
    If the configuration directory does not exist, it could mean that the permissions are incorrect!

  • Try to restart Wowza Media Service, it might need to refresh the applications.
    On Linux, you can issue /etc/init.d/WowzaMediaServer restart


Shoutcast Relay Player not streaming 

The Wowza Shoutcast Player requires the .htaccess to be configured correctly with mod_rewrite.
If the player is only showing offline, the issue is either:

  1. .htaccess RewriteBase is incorrect
    The RewriteBase should be the web directory part of the URL.
    For example, if MediaCP is installed at then the RewriteBase should be /mediacp/
    If the MediaCP is installed at then the RewriteBase should be only /

  2. Apache AllowOverride value could be set to "none"
    Check your apache httpd.conf file for the AllowOverride setting.
    It should be set to "All". Restart Apache after making this change.

    Possible locations:


Reset Admin Password

It is possible to reset the administrator password directly through phpMyAdmin or similar tool.

The following SQL query will reset the user "Superadmin" password to "Mypassword" (case-sensitive):

UPDATE cc_users SET hash=SHA1('SuperadminMypassword') WHERE username='Superadmin';