Upgrade – Windows Server

Upgrade – Windows Server

This guide will assist you with upgrading MediaCP on Windows 2003, 2008 or 2012 Server Edition. We recommend this be performed by an experienced server administrator.

Upgrade from 2.1.9.x or older:

Please read the Upgrade from 2.1.9.x or older documentation before continuing.

Upgrade to latest release

Step 1 – Backup your MediaCP files & database

  1. Run C:/mediacp/xampp-control.exe and press Stop next to each service
  2. Move the entire contents of c:/mediacp/ directory to your desktop leaving c:/xampp/htdocs/ folder remaining only.
  3. Run C:/mediacp/xampp-control.exe and press Start next to each service


Step 2 – Download and run installation software

  1. Download and save the latest version of the installation software:
  2. Run MediaCP-Install.exe
  3. Select MediaCP Upgrade and follow the prompts


WHMCS & 3rd Party Billing Systems

If you are using WHMCS, Blesta or another billing system – the latest files are available within MediaCP_latest.zip upload_and_rename/other/ directories. You will want to upgrade these files to take advantage of the latest features.