MediaCP Manual
Email Configuration

Last updated 12 months ago


The MediaCP sends emails to both administrators and customers for various reasons including:

  • New Account provisioning
  • Account Password reset
  • Monthly statistic reports
  • Service welcome emails
  • Service notifications including bitrate abuse and suspension notifications

The default email configuration uses your servers default sendmail configuration, which may be blocked by spam filters if your system and domain name is not configured correctly. Generally we recommend to configure SMTP to send emails.

Troubleshoot Email Issues

If you are having difficulty with sending emails from the MediaCP then we recommend using to test and troubleshoot your mail server settings. Once you have successfully tested your mail server at then you should copy the configuration into MediaCP System Config -> Email.

MediaCP Email Configuration


1. Login to your cPanel account

2. Search for ‘Email‘ and click on Email Accounts

3. Click on Connect Devices next to the email account you wish to use

4. Scroll down to Mail Client Manual Settings

5. Copy the details into MediaCP Email Configuration:

  • Outgoing Server -> SMTP Host
  • Outgoing Server SMTP Port -> SMTP Port
  • Username -> SMTP Username
  • Password -> SMTP Password
  • SMTP Encryption: SSL

6. Navigate to the MediaCP Dashboard and click on Software Health to check your Email Configuration is successful


SMTP Host SMTP Username [your-account]
SMTP Port 587 SMTP Password Gmail App Password
SMTP Encryption TLS

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