MediaCP Manual
Migrate from Centovacast to MediaCP

Last updated 4 months ago

It is possible to migrate CentovaCast accounts into MediaCP.

Our migration script will transfer all aspects of your CentovaCast installation including:

  • Stream accounts with stream password, admin password and other configurations
  • AutoDJ configurations
  • Mount Point configurations
  • All Media files and Playlists
  • Intro & Fallback files
  • Staff accounts
  • Reseller accounts

Our software is also capable of redirecting CentovaCast start pages and stream links to the new URL, the last step of the migration instructions includes enabling port 2199 in the MediaCP also.

Important Notes

  • The import script will not make any changes to your centovacast panel except stopping the stream and autodj. Media content/files will be copied from centova and the original files will remain in place after the migration.
  • Staff & Reseller passwords cannot be imported and must be reset using the MCP Reset Password feature or by an admin.
  • DJ account passwords for liquidsoap cannot be imported and will need to be reset by the customer or an admin after the migration. DJ account passwords for sctransv2 will be imported as normal.
  • Recurring scheduled playlists are currently not possible in the MediaCP. The playlists will be imported into the mediacp however will be in a disabled state.
  • Centova accounts that are offline or suspended cannot be imported and will be skipped.


Step 1 - Install MediaCP on the same server

You must install our product on the same server as CentovaCast is installed. The MediaCP is fully compatible and will work alongside CentovaCast.

Please refer to the installation instructions

Note: You must install the MediaCP with SSL before completing the migration.

At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to select the Server & AutoDJ services that you would like to include in the MediaCP. Please make sure to include at minimum the same server & autodj types that are being used in CentovaCast.

Step 2 - Transfer centova accounts to MediaCP

Login to your server via SSH and run the following command to begin importing all the centova accounts.

/root/init --centova-migration

Additional command line options


By default, the migration will stop centova accounts and restart them into MediaCP during the process. If you would prefer to not stop centova accounts then you can specify the –no-restart in the command line, for example:

/root/init --centova-migration --no-restart


Imports all Icecast 2 services as Icecast 2 KH services in the MediaCP

/root/init --centova-migration --icecast-kh


Imports one account at a time

/root/init --centova-migration --single


Step 3 - Review services in MediaCP

Login to the MediaCP and you should see all your centova customers and services.

If you have trouble with any services then you can stop them in the MediaCP and restart them in Centova while you contact our support help desk.

Once you have verified all services are online and working appropriately then we recommend stopping CentovaCast and activating the MediaCP on port 2199 to redirect your start pages and stream links:

systemctl stop centovacast;
systemctl disable centovacast;
/root/init --enable-centova-port;

Now that the centova port is enabled in MediaCP, the start pages and stream links will still work after stopping centova.

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