Development Roadmap

Watch this space for development updates.

Stable Release Tier
Version 2.10.10


Estimate Release:

Maintenance releases include only minor non-breaking amendments, bug fixes and security patches.
Update AutoSSL to use certbot from snapd to support the latest version of certbot and also provide compatibility to debian 11Done
Update PHP to 7.3.31Done
Automatically enable Wowza Production mode on install or updateDone
Reset release tier to Stable in anticipation of 2.11 update moving to LatestDone
Log stream target reconnections that are triggered by cron job into a log fileDone
It is not possible to save the HTML Audio Player configuration if Public Page feature is disabledDone
Push Targets report Push target not found with Flussonic 21.09.1Done
Flussonic reporting broken due to flussonic deprecation of sql apiDone
Update german translations thanks to SaschaDone
AutoSSL to run in the background so nginx process is not down for too longDone
WHMCS module sync button returns version error when unable to connectDone
NginxRtmp Youtube, Twitch & Custom RTMP Stream Targets should be moved direct to ffmpeg for improved stabilityDone
Creating an Icecast service through WHMCS/api sets the admin password instead of the source passwordDone
Creating an Icecast 2 service from WHMCS does not apply passwordDone
Healthcheck for Checking Wowza Streaming Engine Authentication fails incorrectlyDone
Block Flussonic Installation on CentOS 7 since it is not supported by flussonicDone
Update liquidsoap to version 1.4.4Done
Enable Java JDK 12 for Wowza Streaming Engine to improve CPU performanceDone
Database index unique_connections_idx missing from some 2.10.7 upgradesDone
Deploy script should restart icecast services in the background to not hold up the deployment process and cause a possible stallDone
Reporting Sessions not displaying correctly on Icecast KH serviceDone
Use Flussonic Events API to obtain historical reporting data and repair reporting for flussonic servicesDone
Block ports being created with portbase above 65535, the maximum port for a systemDone
Unable to schedule TV Station playlists on a Saturday in certain timezonesDone
Service configuration toggle should be displayed in disabled mode when field cannot be edited instead of displaying 1 or 0Done
Pre-upgrade backups should be stored in user defined backups location instead of /usr/local/mediacp/backupsDone
NginxRtmp RTMP OutputDone
Liquidsoap AutoDJ to use filename as fallback song title if metadata does not existDone
Compile ProFTPd with mod_ssl support and enable SSLDone

Latest Release Tier
Version 2.11.3

Maintenance / Improvements

Estimate Release:
Late November 2021

Minor releases include minor enhancements, bug fixes and security patches.
Check CentOS 7.9 upgrade from 2.10 to 2.11 is updating FTP server appropriatelyIn Progress
SHOUTcast 2.5 & 2.6 listeners shows false, and stats not updating when invalid utf-8 characters used in song titleSelected for Development
PHP fpm service not re/starting when upgraded on CentOSSelected for Development
Update GeoIP data filesAwaiting Merge
Copy & Paste not working wellDone
Serbian Language SupportDone
Flussonic support for 21.11 with v3 apiDone
apostrophe in media title causes Track History to show slashDone
Better support for UTF-8 including Company Name and other aspects of the platformDone
Media Import not abiding by thread limitDone
Scheduled reports cron might not be abiding by it's queue limit causing an overwhelming amount of queries and loadDone
iFrame and VideoJS players are not using the correct m3u8 link with Wowza Live Camera RestreamDone
Accessing a WSE Service overview shows non-administrator main menu while logged in as adminDone
Recently Played widget does not load from the Widgets page in some circumstancesDone
Playlists & Schedule page will not load with Italian language selectedDone
Missing translation support on some itemsDone
Flussonic GeoIP statistics may not record under specific circumstancesDone
It should not be possible to create multiple djs with the same usernameDone
Mount points, Media and dj accounts pages have some display issues on mobileDone
Login button placement on safari is not idealDone
UTF-8 character issues in publish name with services created through WHMCS (old API) Done
PHP 7.3 is installed with 2.11 during under certain circumstancesDone
Storage display on Media page is empty when there is no limit set Done
WHMCS API should automatically delete user account on termination of last service or reseller packageDone
German language file updatesDone
System Config -> Validate Panel URL setting to ensure prefix is specified alsoDone
Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.15 SupportDone
Icecast 2 services are listed in the YP with the secure port but YP does not provide https linksDone