Development Roadmap

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Feature Voting

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2.3.5 – LTS – Maintenance release

Estimated Release: April 2019
Maintenance releases include only minor non-breaking amendments, bug fixes and security patches.

AutoDJ Playlists error is generated whilst updating a General Rotation playlist set with just the Active Hour and not also the Active MinuteIn Progress
Issue with first song looping on initial start of AutoDJSelected for Development
Automatically purge outdated media_history dataSelected for Development
Shoutcast 2 nextsong returning htdocs path with no trackSelected for Development
Ensure all links to are HTTPS and update all links to clients.cast-control.netDone
Don't copy sample.mp4 to WSE live streaming servicesDone
WSE Facebook Stream Target should provide better error message if not logged inDone
Disable Google Maps IF integration key is not providedDone
set_time_limit to 0 on cron.php scriptDone
Add try/catch to historical processing so it doesnt break the processDone
Add CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT to WSEM connection class to prevent nginx/php-fpm timeout insteadDone
Videos with UTF8 characters in their filename are duplicated many times in the video_meta databaseDone
Update to PHP 7.1.28Done
Don't comment out Access Appender lines from, only remove serverAccessDone
Review and add additional indexes to database tables to improve performanceDone
Further optimise historics database table for better performanceDone

2.3.5 – Current – Minor release

Estimated Release: March 2019
Minor releases include minor enhancements, bug fixes and security patches.
Refer to above 2.3.5 – LTS – Minor Release

2.4.0 – Major release

Estimated Release: March 2019
Major releases include new features and are often released in an early beta preview form before official stable release.

Provide additional levels of Low Latency supportIn Progress
Disable wowza <stats> by default on new installationsSelected for Development
Test Wowza Facebook Stream Publisher and consider replacing from our own publisherSelected for Development
AutoDJ Interval Playlists -> Add options for "no more than X times" after the "Repeat after" optionSelected for Development
Multiple Shoutcast 2 & Icecast Mount PointsSelected for Development
Display CAPTCHA code after failed login attemptsSelected for Development
Update PHP-IXRAwaiting Merge
Implement Queue Manager and integrate with service actions (start/stop/restart/delete)Done
Add delete service button to Service Overview pageDone
Repeat Protection to AutoDJ Playlists for trackDone
AutoDJ -> Upload (M3U8) PlaylistDone
Submit version number over to dashboard promotions for version specific targetingDone
TV Station ability to copy/duplicate existing playlistsTesting