Development Roadmap

Watch this space for development updates.

Stable Release Tier
Version 2.9.11


Estimate Release:
July 2021

Maintenance releases include only minor non-breaking amendments, bug fixes and security patches.
Improvement to deletion of WSE applicationsDone
Resellers can set data transfer to unlimited/0 when plan has defined limitDone
NginxRtmp Transcoder service is incorrectly caching the m3u8 file which can cause the stream to not loadDone
Improve performance of media content backupDone
Icecast KH should fall back to incoming_bitrate value if bitrate value is unavailable from icecast serverDone
WHMCS Server SyncDone
Update Shoutcast 2 service Relay URL description Done
Apply cupertinoAllowNotFoundOnEmptyMediaList to WSE services on 2.9 to resolve issue of incorrect connection reportingDone
Usage graphs don't report connections if bitrate is not reported from Icecast serviceDone
HTTP Proxy redirection errorsDone
Reseller accounts are unable to download historical reportsDone
Dashboard shows incorrect version update information when on Latest branchDone
Accessibility improvements for AutoDJ Playlists (Thanks Armando!)Done
Aggregate listener counts from mount points for Icecast 2.4.4 servers to avoid global listeners bugDone
Ices 04 playlist import shows PHP Notice when the playlist is empty on centova importDone
Audio Player configuration icon may be cached to public incorrectlyDone
Improve resilience of cron job against errorsDone
Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.13+1 and Beamr SupportDone

Latest Release Tier
Version 2.10.8

Maintenance / Improvements

Estimate Release:
July 2021

Minor releases include minor enhancements, bug fixes and security patches.
Add 480p and 576p transcoder profiles to NginxRtmp servicesIn Progress
Hide shoutcast connection details when relay configuredIn Progress
Unable to schedule playlists on a SaturdayIn Progress
Define output.shoutcast2 for liquidsoap to send DNAS updates directly via sc2 web interface which will correct issues with non-latin characters in shoutcast2In Progress
NginxRtmp should not load empty Icecast Stream Targets into its configurationsSelected for Development
IFrame player is not switching playlists for WSE Ondemand video stationsSelected for Development
Rename Stream Targets to PublishingSelected for Development
Search and delete any invalid WSE startup streams (name of only .stream)Selected for Development
Use Flussonic Events API to obtain historical reporting data and repair reporting for flussonic servicesSelected for Development
Timezone dropdown selection should allow searching in the fieldSelected for Development
Block ports being created with portbase above 65535, the maximum port for a systemSelected for Development
Add Test Email button to admin SMTP pageSelected for Development
Add additional output information to scriptSelected for Development
Command to reset/disable Google ReCaptchaSelected for Development
Service configuration toggle should be displayed in disabled mode when field cannot be edited instead of displaying 1 or 0Selected for Development
Dutch translation improvementsSelected for Development
Server Migration should preserve Port 80/443 Proxy configurationsSelected for Development
Automatic Facebook Stream Target reconnection for Flussonic using event handlersSelected for Development
Pre-upgrade backups should be stored in user defined backups location instead of /usr/local/mediacp/backupsSelected for Development
Ensure when restarting media services or autodj to use a pid file and killProcessAndWaitByFile() to prevent losing control of process idSelected for Development
Cron job should use bash script setting ulimit before executing to ensure restarted services include ulimit settingSelected for Development
NginxRtmp RTMP OutputSelected for Development
Enable port 80/443 proxy by default if we detect nothing else running on it Selected for Development
Upgrade script should check available disk space before proceeding alsoSelected for Development
Liquidsoap AutoDJ to use filename as fallback song title if metadata does not existSelected for Development
Change WSE Facebook Stream Target to use a facebook type instead of RTMPSelected for Development
Icecast processes are not stopped when deleting an entire customer accountDone
Improvement to deletion of WSE applicationsDone
Reporting performance improvementsDone
Application Packages updateDone
IP Camera relay stream name field is empty when creating a new streamDone
Text missing from AutoDJ Playlist Type for Interval and ScheduledDone
Review and ensure upgrade process does not delete /usr/local/mediacp/WowzaStreamingEngine.shDone
Database upgrades fail if icecast_kh not installedDone
Overhaul AutoDJ Playlist & Media ManagerIn Progress
Turbolinks supportSelected for Development
Tidy and merge javascript resources together where possibleSelected for Development
Replace Google Maps with leafletjs and highlight countries instead of using markersSelected for Development
How to connect should show individual instructions for popular encodersSelected for Development
Google map unable to display as its not using the new slug paramDone
Replace charts with ChartJS and load data via XHRDone
Unique Service Overview for each Plugin type for more personalized layoutDone
Ability to Skip AutoDJ to next trackDone