MediaCP Manual
Shoutcast 2 Stream Publishing

Last updated 6 months ago

The Stream Targets feature in MediaCP allows you to send live streams to widely distributed destinations, including Shoutcast and Icecast (link to icecast publishing) services.

Currently the MediaCP supports publishing to SHOUTcast with Wowza Streaming Engine and NginxRtmp video engines. Support for Flussonic Media Server is coming soon!

❌ Flussonic (Coming Soon) ✅ Wowza Streaming Engine ✅ NginxRtmp (w/AutoDJ ONLY)

SHOUTcast 2 without AutoDJ


SHOUTcast 2 with AutoDJ (Wowza)


SHOUTcast 2 with AutoDJ (nginx-rtmp)

To publish your nginx-rtmp video service to a SHOUTcast service you must follow these steps:

  1. Enable AutoDJ using Liquidsoap (or contact your stream provider to enable this for you)
  2. Create a new DJ user (for our example we call it nginxrtmp)
  3. Create an Icecast Stream Target to connect to the AutoDJ inside your SHOUTcast service

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